Today's outfit: 80s bitch gone 90s

jacket > H&M
sweatshirt and jeans > Weekday
boots > Dr. Martens
glasses > Tom Ford
necklace > COS
bag > Dieter & Thomas
watch > Casio

(pictures: Hugo Hase)


Today's outfit: Running out of time

jacket & scarf > H&M
sweater > COS
pants > Cheap Monday
shoes > Adidas x Opening Ceremony
necklace > COS
watch > Casio
pocket watch > Candy & Grace
bag > Dieter & Thomas

(pictures: Hugo Hase)


Products: Les liqueurs de parfums by Thierry Mugler

A lot of beauty labels offer perfumes and also a lot of them come up with new editions every now and then, but one label in particular is just busy and keen to push their innovations season after season after season - Thierry Mugler!
The iconic 80s fashion brand launched its famous Angel perfume in 1992 and it's been a huge hit ever since. Other fragrances followed in its footsteps too, like Alien (one of my all-time favorite womens perfumes), Womanity (not really much of a favorite of mine...) and A*men (the male version of Angel - a teeny tiny bit less intense). Those four are the most successful perfumes produced by the brand and every now and then they get remixed for a new limited edition.
This winters edition is called Les liqueurs de parfums. The reason is quite simple. The way the new fragrances were produced are applied to the way traditional, exquisite alcoholic beverages are produced, like rum, wodka, whiskey or cognac. Being stored in toasted wood barrels for weeks and weeks. There were also some new ingredients used to give each fragrance a new surprising outcome, which is not a complete alienation of its original scent.
The flacons were altered as well. Not just for fans of Thierry Mugler or collectors a must-have. The new edition of A*men was the best limited edition of the fragrance I ever used. The four perfumes are already available - they were launched in October.


Today's outfit: Falling into you

coat > Lanvin x H&M
shirt & pullover > H&M
pants > Zara
shoes > Burberry Prorsum
hat > Zara
belt > Jil Sander
watch > Casio

(pictures: Hugo Hase)