The most terrible thing ever...

...happened to me last night.
Hey guys, sorry that I haven't published anything about London Fashion Week (where I am right now) so far. On Saturday and Sunday there was not much time. And this morning (I still can't believe how it happened) I forgot my camera in the taxi. I have just been to the lost and found office of public transportation and I really hope these guys can do something about it and send my an email saying they found it within the next one or two weeks. Otherwise I'll just be crushed. It was so expensive and so essential for what I'm doing here on the blog.
When I realized that it was missing this morning, I really was on the verge of crying.All the pictures and videos are gone too (and some of them were so good). It's just so sad.

Stay tuned guys for the post of the few pictures I happened to put on my netbook in time. And please keep your fingers crossed for me that it will turn up again. Thanks!

Hugo Hase

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