Win the new must-have Chanel nail polish on Zeitgeschmack

Oliver from the fashion blog Zeitgeschmack is doing a raffle and you can win the new must-have spring nail polish from Chanel. It's called Black Pearl (No. 513). It was shown at Fashion Weeks in the fall and of course received rave reviews from the beauty editors worldwide. Chanel startet the nail polish hype last year and there's no end in sight.

So if you want that special black polish, all you have to do is become a reader of Zeitgeschmack or a fan on Facebook. Then you have to leave a comment in the article about the raffle with your Name and email adress and that's it. But I would recommend you not to - because I want that nail polish!! And I just told you about the chance of winning it here, to enhance my own chances. So back off :-)

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  1. falls du Lust hast auf noch ein tolles Gewinnspiel, dann schau vorbei :)- es lohnt sich auf jeden Fall :)