There are signs that Berlin Fashion Week is on it's way...

Passing Bebelplatz these days it's obvious that Fashion Week in Berlin is just around the corner - taking place from Wednesday to Saturday (at least the main events) next week.
In order to figure out where to go and what to cover to avoid voids in our schedules Anna - my co- or rather chief blogger on Kalinka.Kalinka - and I met to have coffee and do some planning. Unfortunately our planning skills were showing some flaws already - because the plan was to go to Tadshikische Teestube, without reservation of course... And there we were told that they are doing fairytale evenings on Monday and there's no chance to enter without reservation...

So we ended up in a place that's to be avoided at all means - bad bad Starbucks, mother of all coffee shop chain stores, whose staff lacks the minimum knowledge in customer service. Not only is there just one power point to be found in that whole store (which was in use of course), they also didn't tell us they were closing at eight, they just turned off the lights... And with 7,50 € for a large coffee and a tiny slice of cake (I should have kept the cup - "it was included right?!") you would expect to get a coffee spoon to stir, but I guess that thinking was before economical crisis.

At some point we were able to get the power supply for Anna's laptop and have a look at her fabulously prepared schedule, anyhow. There are still some shows we are on the waiting lists, but that should hopefully change within this week. And then they decision needs to be made who goes where when two interesting events are taking place at one time. But that shouldn't be to big a problem. 
All in all we're looking forward to next week - and to share it all with our readers!

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