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Last year September when I was attending London Fashion Week I did unfortunately not receive a ticket for the (Topshop) Unique show, which is a real highlight of the event. Now the lookbook presenting the styles of that runway collection is out. Have a look at it - it's worth it. I think they clothes are really divine!

As mentioned before so many times every decade of the last century had a specific style to it, created by well-known designers at the height(s) of their career. Since the millennium that fact has changed. What we now see from season to season is reinterpretations of all those decades gone by - sometimes very fast forward, when one label or designer is inspired by the 1950s one season and by the 1980s the next season. So it's no wonder that the upcoming spring/summer season designers worldwide showed collections inspired by every decade from the 1920s to the 1990s. The most important decenniums though for this years warm months are the seventies and the nineties. Topshop Unique offers both.

At the runway presentation the models were styled in a very seventies way. In the lookbook there's more of a nineties vibe going on. The inspiration came from pictures of flowers head designer Karen Bonson took in her garden and she was also inspired by fairytale creatures like fairys, unicorns and Pegasus - although not too literally. What I see in that clothes is a perfect combination of two oh so different decades that sometimes look Missoni-esque or inspired by Anna Sui or Giambattista Valli uniquely completed with perspex heels and boots - and round shades of course!

pictures: Topshop via http://www.nitrolicious.com/blog and style.com)

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