Lily Cole to run for Anja Gockel @ MBFW

There is more and more information comming through about Berlin Fashion Week - who's frontrowing at what shows or who's the most famous model of what label. 
Anja Gockel for example will once again (after Alek Wek last year) have a world-famous model on her runway - Lily Cole.

The British beauty with doll-like features and fabulous red hair will wear her most important dresses in the runway show. The model turned acress didn't do a runway show (apart from Hermès Fall/Winter 2010) in quite some time. So it's even more interesting to see her in Berlin.

(picture: http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/lily-cole/lily-cole-20080721-439538.jpg)


  1. oh oh oh excited! leider bin ich zu anja gockel nicht eingeladen -.- lol

    wir sehen uns doch sicherlich nicht???? sprich mich diesesmal aber an! haha :P

    love, alice

  2. Werden wir. Mach ich. Ich bin auch nicht eingeladen - bzw. stehe noch auf der Warteliste...