Emmanuelle Alt named Carine Roitfeld's successor at French VOGUE

Since the announcement of Carine Roitfeld leaving French VOGUE in December last year, speculation was all over the place - who would be the successor of the editor in chief?? And the wildest presumptions were made. Now the Condé Nast France chairman Xavier Romatet put an end to all that yesterday by pronouncing that Emmanuelle Alt will follow in Roitfeld's shoes. Those are without any question extremely large shoes to fill, but Emmanuelle being Carine's constant companion (working as fashion director at the magazine) throughout the 10-year tenure should ensure she will be able to do just fine. 

Emmanuelle Alt has got a signature style which mostly consists of fitted jacket and skinny trousers. Although her style is worshipped worldwide, I personally think that she should put and end to wearing trousers so often. It's just so constricting. It makes all her outfits look to similar.

Both ladies were often seen in the front rows in matching outfits, like a couple of fashion-crime-fighting super-heroines. So working under the influence of Carine for so many years will probably be the reason for Emmanuelle not to change to much about the publication - I guess the course of the magazine will stay put. And why should it be changed? French VOGUE is most likely the best fashion publication out there.
Toutes mes félicitations Madame Alt!

(pictures: http://www.iwanttobearoitfeld.com/storage/emmanuelle_alt_6.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1257136004242, http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Y8rUqREXdAI/S8OAyT3jlWI/AAAAAAAABCg/o2h8GO-cXBg/s1600/emmanuelle_alt.jpg, http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Y8rUqREXdAI/S8OAtD3iFFI/AAAAAAAABCY/s6kQkzM7pfo/s640/Emmanuelle+Alt.jpg, http://www.stylebyme.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/bag-trend.png)

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