Upcoming spring styles at H&M - Lookbook & videos

The year 2010 is almost over and it's spring/summer season was over ages ago at least it seems so now, facing daily blizzards for weeks and weeks. It was stylistically marked by a variety of fashion trends - most of them still being influenced by the ongoing 80s trend. After seeing the high-fashion shows of all the important designers for spring/summer 2011 it is quite clear that the 80s have passed - once again - and the 70s and 90s are going to be the next big thing. 

Looking at the new lookbook of H&M you can see that 90s minimalistic style is really dominating what's going to happen. Short cropped tops that show off the belly are 90s leftovers as well as lace-up corsages or dresses, velvety and sheer materials. All of those were reworked and paired with 70s styles like massive prints, floorlength dresses and skirts, leather vests and wide trousers.
When it comes to color, what stays is chocolate brown and camel - mixed with shades of coral, beige and turquoise. For men natural colors stand all alone - bright is over as it seems.

Looking at the video and the pictures of the menswear it really makes me a bit sad, because I just find it incredibly dull! If these are pieces from the H&M Man Trend collection I would be absolutely disappointed too. In my mind H&M should go way further with that collection sometimes and this is one big step back! The only thing here I would want to buy is the short overall. But then again the womens collection is not that much better... Tough times for fashion loving H&M customers that we will be facing. 

(all pictures: http://www.streetrunway.de and http://www.stylebrity.co.uk)


  1. Merry Christmas!!
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  2. luella kopiert!!! und ein 60`s touch, aber ganz klar, verdammt! helles kupfer und apricot-töne, mein armer geldbeutel
    <3 feli