Purchases of the week

Business as usual when it comes to the place where I bought the new stuff - it's mostly H&M... But the sale startet this week and when you see the clothes continuously you sometimes just can't resist, especially when they are really cheap - bargains even. Since last Monday staff members get 75% off when buying things from the Lanvin collection. That's why I finally got the white shirt with the beige plastron (and I don't mean the turtle - does anybody know if plastron is the right word in English for the German Plastron?) and the beautiful buttons. The black and white printed longsleeve I imagine using for great 90s-looks for summer - paired with the new boots down below.

Like I was told by several people checked shirts are supposedly not me or not my style. But that's complete crap - everything is my style. Or rather I can make everything my style. And they seem to make much more desirable sexually than skirts and stuff, like I recently discovered... So more checked shirts for me! And I guess the same may go for jeans shirts. And if not I can always wear it with a high-waisted floor-length skirt.

The nightblue silk scarf is the only peace not purchased at H&M. It's from Garments Vintage - my favourite Berlin secondhand store(s). It's label is HUGO and it was originally bought by the former assistant costume designers of "Verliebt in Berlin" for the role of designer Hugo Haas, but the actor never wanted to wear it. Well now it's worn by Hugo Hase - what a coincidence. And as I mentioned above, the boots just scream 90s - so I didn't have a second thought about buying them, when they were marked down from 99 Euro to 20...

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