Bye bye Carine - Who's next??!!

She was the editor-in-chief of French Vogue - one of the most important fashion publications in existence - for 9 years. Now this era is over. As vogue.fr told the public Carine Roitfeld now wants to persue other projects.

Her career has been an extraordinary one so far. She started modelling at the age of 18, after being scouted on the street in Paris. She became a writer and stylist for French ELLE magazine. Her daugher Julia - a young style icone of today - was photographed for Vogue Bambini in 1990 by Mario Testino, which lead to a friendship and long-time work relationship between Carine and Mario. They did advertising work as well as shootings for American and French Vogue together.
Roitfeld then went on to work as consultant for Tom Ford at Gucci and Yves-Saint Laurent for about six years - in a time when those labels were hugely successful.
In 2006 there were rumors that Carine was being approached by Hearst Corporation to take over the editor-in-chief position of Glenda Bailey at U.S. Harper's Bazaar.

Well remains to be seen what she'll be doing next.
The more important question is: Who will follow in her enormous footprints? Any suggestions?

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