Trend forecast - Round glasses and shades

After the cateyed fifties style that was initiated by Miuccia Prada the next big thing in shape trends when it comes to spectacles or sunglasses is ROUND, ROUND, ROUND! With the eighties come-back almost around the corner the stage is free for 70s and 90s inspired styling. Who can't remeber pictures of John Lennon with Yoko Ono wearing his round signature spectacles? 

Some design labels showed round shades in their latest shows like Proenza Schouler or Dries van Noten. Mykita did a collaboration with Marios Schwab that resulted in round shades. And there are numerous style icons - current or retro - showing us that round is it, like Lady Gaga, Donna from 90210 or Egon from Ghostbusters...
So if you're contemplating buying new eyewear go for round!

They correspond perfectly with various hairstyles from voluminous to flat and they are best combined with transparent clothes and bare midriff tops. At least that's how I would style it. Or of course with a turban like a Dries van Noten. There's way to less turbans worn anyway the way it is. So better add one of those to your shoppinglist as well...

 (pictures: refinery29.com, trendhunterstatic.com, presshappily.com, mykita.com, urbanoptiques.com, allmoviephoto.com, stories.the-ridges.net, myddnetwork.com)


  1. die runden Sonnenbrillen
    wurden durch keine geringere als
    Victoria Beckham
    zum must-have!!
    das musste ich jetzt einfach
    sagen ;D


  2. Ja, aber eine andere Art runde Sonnenbrillen. Eher dieser moderne Jackie O.-Style. Finde ich auch toll! Und da waren natürlich Viktoria und die Olsen-Schwestern ganz vorne mit dabei.