Schwarzhogerzeil - Store opening

Yesterday Berlin Mitte was being enriched by another small fashion shop. Schwarzhogerzeil is located at Mulackstr. 28. In the neighbourhood of many special clothing stores, e.g. the Starstyling store.

The interior design is quite special - kept very dark by using a lot of black wood furniture, black racks and dark grey cement. And then there are mirrows all around - on every wall - which madi it a bit hard to take proper photos...

Nontheless I tried to capture my two favourite pieces. A golden shimmery longsleeve and a fur jacket, both designed by Isabel Marant. Right next to it there was a very lovely mustard wool skirt with different plissés and a sweet dark blue dress both from Cacharel, to be found. Other labels that are featured in the store are for example: American Vintage, Common Projects, Sabrina Dehoff, Golden Goose, Zimmerli, Zucca and Tsumori Chisato.

You should pay a visit if you get the chance. But keeping the neighbourhood in mind, don't forget to bring at least one credit card that's ready for being maxed out - the Marant fur jacket is somewhat over 3000 Euros...

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