Press check - Instyle Men

A little later than expected Instyle men hit the magazine racks. I'm not the biggest fan of German Instyle, but of course I had to check out the male version of the famous international magazine whichs format works so well in so many countries.
The look of the men edition is very similar to the original - the German one at least. Some pages with street styles or red carpet looks of celebrities, styling ideas for one specific theme or garment (in this case the jacket - das Sakko), fashion editorial(s) and some pages with product groups.
So far so good one could think, but taking a closer look I soon realized that this magazine is mostly about garments - no real high fashion relation whatsoever. And the so called trends - questionable...

Who would really mess up one's outfit by wearing a fabulous suit with espandrilles?! And checked shirts, leather trousers and beenies? Nothing wrong with wearing that, but I don't need to see snooze looks like that in a magazine - I could just take a look out of the window...
I have to say that I liked the half closed boots-idea, some of the jacket stylings and the colorful watches though.

Then there's some contradiction going on - on one page chinos are praised as the new alternative for denim in every styling aspect. But then on the other hand the only (!) editorial in the magazine is called "Jeans Report" - featuring the three hosts of MTV Home - Joko, Palina and Klaas. One thing you learn when looking at this editorial is, that Joko is not a very talented model, but the other two are fun and able to compensate that fact. I just don't understand why a new magazine that hit the market last month would not go for a more current theme for an editorial like the worldwide start of the movie "Wallstreet" or the raving success of the tv program "Mad Men". Styling editorials for those themes would have been child's play - and not necessarily very expensive and most of all gorgeous. 
Well coulda, woulda, shoulda...

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