Lanvin and H&M couture fashion show at The Pierre

 When Lanvin calls high fashion lovers come - that's a fact! When Lanvin for H&M calls for a couture fashion show in one of New Yorks most traditional finest hotels, like The Pierre you can be damn sure that fashion high society stops by. The chance to be one of the first to buy the very limited collaboration collection may have been one of the major reasons for the hysterical frenzy happening in New York yesterday evening.

Okay, let's just say it - those upperclass gals and first class fashion bloggers, high fashion designers or fashion magazine goddesses could afford or find ways to get hands on "real" Lanvin clothes - that's for sure, but just look at the runway pictures. Styled in the right way - the Lanvin way - the H&M collection looks just like the real thing. And who in his - or her - right mind would settle for one dress, when for a fractional amount you could have ten? So it's no wonder that thousands of dollars per person were spent rather casually last night. 

 Some of the guests even arrived in the clothes - just like saying: "Look who's most powerful in the fashion world, bitches..."
All in all the attendees were a fabulous crowd, with the likes of Susie Bubble and Bryanboy, Sophia Coppola, Anna Sui, Andie MacDowell, Hilary Alexander - and of course my very favourite fashion queen ADR - Anna Dello Russo - who was also a model and looked stunning next to that beautiful poodle.

With all the precautions H&M will be making for the sale start of the collection I - just like Bryanboy - too think that it's going to be a bloodbath. Okay the pieces are not cheap, but having looked at it again - in my opinion styled properly for the first time - on this runway pictures, I think this is the most beautyful H&M cooperation so far - even better than Viktor & Rolf - my favourites so far. Okay the clothes were boosted for the show - with extra ribbons, special buttons or were doubled up, but then again that's nothing you cannot do to it as well... DIY is the magical expression.
I'll be at the sale start at Berlin Kurfürstendamm on Tuesday morning - so check back that day and you'll most probably see a video showing the madness...

(all pictures taken from picapp.com)

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