Happy belated Birthday Mr. Galliano!

Yesterday one of high fashion's most successful and fascinating figures celebrated his 50th birthday. Would you believe it? 50?! His age obviously becomes him rather well. He's looking fantastic and creates more beautiful and stunning things than ever before.
John Galliano, who's original name is Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillén, is really one of fashions enfant terribles. He was born in Gibraltar and moved to London at an early age where he later studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

After being named British designer of the year in 1987 (as he was again 1994 and 1995!) he moved to Paris in early nineties to become head of design at Givenchy and a little while later at Dior. Where he's been working since. 
In 2001 he was named Commander of the British Empire.
So dear John all the best to you! Can't wait to see what's more to come in the future...

(pictures by AP, picapp, Marcio Madeira, Getty Images via VOGUE)

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