Berlin Press Days - Roundup

The Berlin Press Days started last Thursday at noon for me, when I steped on the elevator of the Ritz Carlton Hotel at Potsdamer Platz and was taken to the 12th floor where Prag PR showed the new collections of Kaviar Gauche, Lala Berlin, Rika among other things. Me and my lovely colleagues from Kalalinkaka and Style-taxi had a look-around.
Kaviar Gauche offers really pretty silk chiffon clothes in their new spring/summer 2011 bridal collection, with voluminous draping or interesting details, e.g. on the shoulders. Furthermore there were the classic Kaviar Gauche bags shaped like clams. The good news with that label are that the collaboration with Görtz will be continued and after the fantastic overknee boots the shoe chain store and the designer label developed a collection of beautiful highheels that will be available soon - at reasonable prices I guess.

Also entering the shoe collaboration market is Lala Berlin. The Lala x Unützer collection will e.g. feature gorgeous bright lace ups. Lala is one of many labels that's really into leoprint for the next spring/summer. But they do it with metallic materials - two ongoing trends combined.

Rika is all about stars. In her collections they are omnipresent and everywhere - prominently on suede bags, as allover print on blouses or a little less bold as smaller metal applications on clothes and shoppers. She also developed a nail polish (at the moment everything is about nail polished isn't it?! After Chanel startet the hype...) with USLU airlines, that is black and contains stars.

Back on the ground level the next stop was KM-B. After having one of the most delicious frozen yoghurts from Efa I had a look at the new Absolut Wodka bottle - limited edition that is. And the five iconic design pieces created around it, by the likes of Patrick Mohr, Esther Perbandt, Katja Schlegel from Starstyling and others.

I also got introduced to the new reversable jeans by GAS. They look like regular jeans on one side and more like cotton trousers with a pattern on the other side. I'm not someone who's crazy about jeans as I find them incredibly boring, but at least that's an innovation with a future. I'd rather taken home the new WESC headphones, especially the black ones!

The trip continued in the near neighbourhood at Silk Relations. They count many interesting labels among their clients. For example Clarissa Labin. Her new collection of sweet cardigans and dresses was inspired by underwater life. Coral colored knit and shells were not the only ideas she was coming up with - neon colored surfwear inspired leggings gave the collection an interesting twist.

Avantgarde lovers Berlin favorite sure is Starstyling. They are also a client of Silk Relations and they offer the most amazing (reminding one of the time in elementary school when creating our own bracelets) jewellery. Lots of printed on and laminated jersey pieces and mesh vests and more.

The agencies highlight sure was the feather showpiece by Tiger of Sweden. It's just the most beautiful thing I've seen that day. Thank good I already bought a great necklace with feathers during my Fashion week stay in London - as this is a trend that's not to be missed!

More by accident (we were not so sure where the ACNE showroom was located...) we went into the office of Kostas Murkudis discovering that a Munich PR agency was showing amazing wool turbans and headpieces by Anat Fritz as well as her perfumes and matching wool covers and collections by labels like A.F. Vandevorst, Lutz and other mostly Jewish brands.

We were told then that the ACNE salon is next door, so that was were we headed next. Here I learned that the new women collection consists mostly of two patterns - snake prints and traditional tribal tattoos prints. The snakeskin showpiece dress was stunning, just as the black pattent leather jacket for women. A fantastic piece of clothing!

Furthermore I saw three pieces of the mens collection I just wanted to buy right away. A dark blue and black leather biker jacket, black jeans shorts (ultrashort and the best thing is that they will be available in leather too!) and the pattent leather low boots.

Friday started with a trip to Agency V. The have clients like Monki, Weekday, Carin Wester, Stine Goya, Marianna von Berlepsch, Minimarket, Wood Wood, Mykita and more... A lot of them favourites of mine! So many things I saw from Monki and Weekday made me want to start styling away editorial after editorial, because the clothes were so inspiring. And those are just chain store labels...

The shuriken accessories by Vibe Harslof is just as funny and an editorial or fashion week must-have as the acrylic nail-look alike accessories by Monki.

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