Bambi - Best and not so good red carpet-looks

Yesterday in Potsdam the 62nd Bambi Verleihung took place. International superstars like Hollywood style icon Sarah Jessica Parker, Lord of the Rings darling Orlando Bloom or Gossip singer Beth Ditto and fashion design legend Karl Lagerfeld were the highlights of the attendees.
Sharing a red carpet with one of the most glamorous women out there is for sure not an easy task for any other woman. Some of the German ladies did a pretty good job when it comes to dressing up in an elegant way though, e.g. Maria Furtwängler (the German style icon in my eyes!), Christiane Paul, Barabara Meier, Dennenesch Zoude and Andrea Sawatzki.
Others unfortunately did not so well... I don't really know why it seems to be so hard for some starlets to get themselves a stylist. Or if they already got one, get rid of him/her and get a proper one. I mean that complete trainwrecks they call a gown are just disastrous - more or less...
Okay Jessica Schwartz just messed up her beautiful (but too short) dress with those gloves - did she forget to get rid of them at the cloakroom?! 
The dressed of Jasmin Tabatabei, Minu Barati-Fischer, Sigrid Streletzki, Wolke Hegenbarth and Mirja du Mont just leave me dumbstruck - nothing to add to those trys...
Whoever would need to wear a gown with a porno-esque top part like Nazan Eckes I don't know. I mean it barely coveres her breasts and then showing of the navel too - just inappropriate.

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