Trend forecast - Round glasses and shades

After the cateyed fifties style that was initiated by Miuccia Prada the next big thing in shape trends when it comes to spectacles or sunglasses is ROUND, ROUND, ROUND! With the eighties come-back almost around the corner the stage is free for 70s and 90s inspired styling. Who can't remeber pictures of John Lennon with Yoko Ono wearing his round signature spectacles? 

Some design labels showed round shades in their latest shows like Proenza Schouler or Dries van Noten. Mykita did a collaboration with Marios Schwab that resulted in round shades. And there are numerous style icons - current or retro - showing us that round is it, like Lady Gaga, Donna from 90210 or Egon from Ghostbusters...
So if you're contemplating buying new eyewear go for round!

They correspond perfectly with various hairstyles from voluminous to flat and they are best combined with transparent clothes and bare midriff tops. At least that's how I would style it. Or of course with a turban like a Dries van Noten. There's way to less turbans worn anyway the way it is. So better add one of those to your shoppinglist as well...

 (pictures: refinery29.com, trendhunterstatic.com, presshappily.com, mykita.com, urbanoptiques.com, allmoviephoto.com, stories.the-ridges.net, myddnetwork.com)

Happy belated Birthday Mr. Galliano!

Yesterday one of high fashion's most successful and fascinating figures celebrated his 50th birthday. Would you believe it? 50?! His age obviously becomes him rather well. He's looking fantastic and creates more beautiful and stunning things than ever before.
John Galliano, who's original name is Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillén, is really one of fashions enfant terribles. He was born in Gibraltar and moved to London at an early age where he later studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

After being named British designer of the year in 1987 (as he was again 1994 and 1995!) he moved to Paris in early nineties to become head of design at Givenchy and a little while later at Dior. Where he's been working since. 
In 2001 he was named Commander of the British Empire.
So dear John all the best to you! Can't wait to see what's more to come in the future...

(pictures by AP, picapp, Marcio Madeira, Getty Images via VOGUE)


Purchases of the week

This week was of course overshadowed by the launch of the Lanvin x H&M collection. If I was a woman I'd be broke right now - so for once being a man is quite positive when it comes to shopping... The only two things from that collection I bought were the metallic blue shoes and the lilac bowtie. The clothes of the menswear collection were so incredibly boring...

The black shirt with the pleated side parts is from H&M Trend. It's cotton with elastan and cut really body con. It looks a lot like a design by Gareth Pugh.
The plaid shirt is from H&M L.O.G.G. One could say it's not really my style - but even I like to look manly once in a while. Well actually I do always - even wearing a skirt...
And the tophat is just fabulous - most probably to become part of my New Years eve-outfit.


Lanvin and H&M couture fashion show at The Pierre

 When Lanvin calls high fashion lovers come - that's a fact! When Lanvin for H&M calls for a couture fashion show in one of New Yorks most traditional finest hotels, like The Pierre you can be damn sure that fashion high society stops by. The chance to be one of the first to buy the very limited collaboration collection may have been one of the major reasons for the hysterical frenzy happening in New York yesterday evening.

Okay, let's just say it - those upperclass gals and first class fashion bloggers, high fashion designers or fashion magazine goddesses could afford or find ways to get hands on "real" Lanvin clothes - that's for sure, but just look at the runway pictures. Styled in the right way - the Lanvin way - the H&M collection looks just like the real thing. And who in his - or her - right mind would settle for one dress, when for a fractional amount you could have ten? So it's no wonder that thousands of dollars per person were spent rather casually last night. 

 Some of the guests even arrived in the clothes - just like saying: "Look who's most powerful in the fashion world, bitches..."
All in all the attendees were a fabulous crowd, with the likes of Susie Bubble and Bryanboy, Sophia Coppola, Anna Sui, Andie MacDowell, Hilary Alexander - and of course my very favourite fashion queen ADR - Anna Dello Russo - who was also a model and looked stunning next to that beautiful poodle.

With all the precautions H&M will be making for the sale start of the collection I - just like Bryanboy - too think that it's going to be a bloodbath. Okay the pieces are not cheap, but having looked at it again - in my opinion styled properly for the first time - on this runway pictures, I think this is the most beautyful H&M cooperation so far - even better than Viktor & Rolf - my favourites so far. Okay the clothes were boosted for the show - with extra ribbons, special buttons or were doubled up, but then again that's nothing you cannot do to it as well... DIY is the magical expression.
I'll be at the sale start at Berlin Kurfürstendamm on Tuesday morning - so check back that day and you'll most probably see a video showing the madness...

(all pictures taken from picapp.com)

Schwarzhogerzeil - Store opening

Yesterday Berlin Mitte was being enriched by another small fashion shop. Schwarzhogerzeil is located at Mulackstr. 28. In the neighbourhood of many special clothing stores, e.g. the Starstyling store.

The interior design is quite special - kept very dark by using a lot of black wood furniture, black racks and dark grey cement. And then there are mirrows all around - on every wall - which madi it a bit hard to take proper photos...

Nontheless I tried to capture my two favourite pieces. A golden shimmery longsleeve and a fur jacket, both designed by Isabel Marant. Right next to it there was a very lovely mustard wool skirt with different plissés and a sweet dark blue dress both from Cacharel, to be found. Other labels that are featured in the store are for example: American Vintage, Common Projects, Sabrina Dehoff, Golden Goose, Zimmerli, Zucca and Tsumori Chisato.

You should pay a visit if you get the chance. But keeping the neighbourhood in mind, don't forget to bring at least one credit card that's ready for being maxed out - the Marant fur jacket is somewhat over 3000 Euros...

Style and the family tunes release

Yesterday the new Style and the family tunes was released - or better were. For the first time in the history of the magazine it offers two different covers to choose from. On one the covermodel is wearing a bodysuit from Threeasfour and on the second one she is wearing a t-shirt from Calvin Klein. Jewellery on both was designed by A Peace Treaty.                                                            
The content is the same - it's all about "Sparkle". In a very unobvious and unconventional way. Of course it's unconventional, we're talking about Style and the family tunes here.
Fashion director Niki Pauls took a trip to New York Fashion Week this fall and stayed in the city for several weeks. The "Can I have it like that"-editorial that's part of the opening pages - the so-called Kaleidoskop - is very Niki. She used incredible pieces of clothing from her favourite labels, like Kostas Murkudis, ACNE, Louis Vuitton or Max Mara.
The editorial that was shot in New York fakes the impression of looking at street styles in some pictures, but done in a designer kind of way - with mostly American designers.
The other categories feature interesting aspects, too. The article on the future development of the use of computers in our every day surrounding - especially when it comes to entertainment is very interesting.
Just like the newest beauty products of the likes of John Frieda, YSL Beauté, Carita or LÒccitane. And much more.
So check it out - available at well-assortet magazine raks - or for sure at Do you read me?!.


Bambi - Best and not so good red carpet-looks

Yesterday in Potsdam the 62nd Bambi Verleihung took place. International superstars like Hollywood style icon Sarah Jessica Parker, Lord of the Rings darling Orlando Bloom or Gossip singer Beth Ditto and fashion design legend Karl Lagerfeld were the highlights of the attendees.
Sharing a red carpet with one of the most glamorous women out there is for sure not an easy task for any other woman. Some of the German ladies did a pretty good job when it comes to dressing up in an elegant way though, e.g. Maria Furtwängler (the German style icon in my eyes!), Christiane Paul, Barabara Meier, Dennenesch Zoude and Andrea Sawatzki.
Others unfortunately did not so well... I don't really know why it seems to be so hard for some starlets to get themselves a stylist. Or if they already got one, get rid of him/her and get a proper one. I mean that complete trainwrecks they call a gown are just disastrous - more or less...
Okay Jessica Schwartz just messed up her beautiful (but too short) dress with those gloves - did she forget to get rid of them at the cloakroom?! 
The dressed of Jasmin Tabatabei, Minu Barati-Fischer, Sigrid Streletzki, Wolke Hegenbarth and Mirja du Mont just leave me dumbstruck - nothing to add to those trys...
Whoever would need to wear a gown with a porno-esque top part like Nazan Eckes I don't know. I mean it barely coveres her breasts and then showing of the navel too - just inappropriate.