Purchases of the week

These are my purchases of this week - so far... And actually also from last weekend. I went a little overboard as you can see, buying two winter jackets - who needs two new jackets, already having an overflowing closet?! So I think I'm going to return one, but which one? They are both pretty - that obvious Burberry Prorsum knock-offs by H&M Man and H&M Trend (though they are clearly much less cool than the originals - with the double collars or oversized fit) . The coat would look great worn belted in the waist. But I can do that with other coats just as well. And the fake shearling biker jacket is a must-have right now, isn't it?!
The Zara boots trimmed with fake fur are the new family members in my free space lacking shoe cupboard. Pretty warm, which is not bad for winter I guess (yes, sometimes even I do think of more than just the look...).
And the best of them all is the high-waist, floorlength cotton skirt from Cheap Monday. As it was on sale and I got an aditional H&M-employee discount it was only 18 €. Fabulous isn't it? I can't wait to shock tourist customers at work on crowded saturdays. Hehehe

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