Long time no post...

I'm so sorry readers for not having posted anything lately. There's been so much going on - not necessarily in my life - but in the fashion world. With fashion weeks finished almost everywhere and so many fabulous ideas for spring/summer next year, which of course we would just love to have right now - not the clothes and ideas, but most importantly the seasons!!
But fall and winter can be fun to, when it comes to styling. With wool hats - and I don't think of anything beanie-like or the ones you wear when skiing, but stylish old school hats! Or long, big, thick scarfs - the more the better. Or just the most amazing wintercoats. I'm really looking forward to wear all of those - topped off with some crazy sunglasses. As I had to pull some clothes from agencies for a shooting today I have five crazy cool sunglasses from Mykita sitting on my livingroom table - and I want to keep them so much! Unfortunately I have to return the borrowed clothes and stuff tomorrow... But I can still wear one pair of them when heading to Mitte in the morning before doing the return - yeay...

And here they are - Mykita collaborations with Marios Schwab and Herr von Eden. So special!

And after the return I'll be heading to Soho House for a presentation of some collection. I'll let you know what that will be all about in the next days.
And the very reason for posting today anyway was, that I wanted to tell you that I will be reviewing the Fashion Weeks in the next days as well. Now one could say, why should we read that when we could have read about shows of New York Fashion Week weeks ago on style.com?! So very true, but only here you will get the opinion of Hugo Hase on the works of the various designers - and what more important opinion is there? Except for maybe Anna's...

(pictures via mykita.com)

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  1. YEAH, I have been a long time fan of the Herr von Eden collection - grey and lucious red are my desired ones. Mmmmmhhh...so jealous!