Great editorial - Common & Sense Man

Checking out a few of my favourite fashion sites today I discovered this great editorial on http://www.stockholmstreetstyle.feber.se. The lovely models name is Adnan Djinovic (styled with the current it-do you see on every third guy on the street - but in a nice voluminous way). He's dressed completely in Prada's fall collection - and some private pieces belonging to the stylist. The photographer was Antonin Guidicci. And the editorial got published in Common & Sense Man (a magazine I have to admit have never heard of... but obviously it should be paid more attention to in the future).  
I especially like the pictures taken in that natural environment with the tunnels and the rail tracks.

Unfortunately the site doesn't say who the stylist was who did this. Cause who would have thought that you could get such great everyday (but still very fashionesque) looks out of a collection that looked rather questionable on the runway. Of course Miuccia Prada's work is always edgy with a kind of beauty that needs to discovered... But the guys in the fall/winter runway show looked like haggard shemale art class teachers with a wacky fashion sense who are not able to wash their pullovers right (shrinking them accidentally to size 0)... So I would say that this is really a stylist job well done!

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