Press check - Vogue Hommes Japan

Nicola Formichetti is not only the infamous stylist of queen of pop-shock Lady Gaga and soon to be new creative head of 80s iconic fashion house Thierry Mugler, but he's also the fashion director of Japanese men's Vogue.
So it's no wonder that beforesaid pop-star is the cover model of the current (A/W 2010-11) issue of the magazin. Styled as fake male model "Jo Calderone" she's the star of one of the editorials in the magazine. And there's also a poster from Gaga inside wearing the meat dress she shocked the audience at the MTV Video Music Awards in L.A. with this year.
Fashion editor Shun Watanabe styled other fabulous editorials in the magazine - "The modern standard" (extraordinary white shirts, interesting new trench coats, aviator leather jackets, minimalist jackets and mixed check patterns) and "The decadence of youth" (dandy styles with a feminine touch, using bold colors, various patterns combined, feather, brooches and skirts). 
Another great feature - among many - I really like is the comparison of fashion trends for spring/summer 2011.


Lookbook - Blame Women Spring/Summer

Yesterday I received the Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook from Berlin newcomer label Blame (http://www.blame-fashion.com). Unfortunately I neither got any chocolate, nor a blouse to accompany the lookbook like the editor of Germany's most famous fashion blog. Well I probably wouldn't fit into a Blame blouse anyway so that's not too bad...
What's more important is to see the really nice pieces the team of designers behind the label made. They met in college. After graduation they set-out to earn some experience at some more or less relevant international labels like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Preen, Emma Cook or Michalsky.

They now want to combine what they learned into high-end pieces made of luxurious and innovative materials that are wearable and cool. Having a look at the first twelve looks you can just say: Mission accomplished!
They offer big trends (transparence, shorty short shorts, jumpsuits and leather t's) in a really effortless and to-be-worn-on-the-streets kind of way. But the pieces would fit just great into some editorials as well I could imagine. 
At least I'd be happy to get to use them!


Berlin Press Days - done...

This is the outcome of the last two days - the Berlin Press Days. Loads and loads and loads of lookbooks from all the brands that are represented by Berlin PR agencies (like Agentur V, Salon PR, Silk Relations, Fake PR, Prag PR, häberlein & mauerer, Arne Eberle, etc.).
Getting a first look close-up at the collections already seen during Berlin Fashion Week in July made me wanna style various editorials right away - as there were so many amazing things to be seen.
I'm gonna do a detailed recapitulation of those two days tomorrow or on Sunday. Some filtering of the pictures and information needs to be done beforehand...


Purchases of the week

These are my purchases of this week - so far... And actually also from last weekend. I went a little overboard as you can see, buying two winter jackets - who needs two new jackets, already having an overflowing closet?! So I think I'm going to return one, but which one? They are both pretty - that obvious Burberry Prorsum knock-offs by H&M Man and H&M Trend (though they are clearly much less cool than the originals - with the double collars or oversized fit) . The coat would look great worn belted in the waist. But I can do that with other coats just as well. And the fake shearling biker jacket is a must-have right now, isn't it?!
The Zara boots trimmed with fake fur are the new family members in my free space lacking shoe cupboard. Pretty warm, which is not bad for winter I guess (yes, sometimes even I do think of more than just the look...).
And the best of them all is the high-waist, floorlength cotton skirt from Cheap Monday. As it was on sale and I got an aditional H&M-employee discount it was only 18 €. Fabulous isn't it? I can't wait to shock tourist customers at work on crowded saturdays. Hehehe


Lookbook - AllSaints Women Fall/Winter

British chain-store AllSaints seems to be rather successful in Berlin Mitte. The company is about to open a new shop at Friedrichsstraße soon. In the other shop near Weinmeisterstraße there's the mid-season sale going on. I don't know if any of my lookbook favourites are on sale already, but going to check can't hurt, can it?!

(pictures: www.allsaints.com)

Another preview - Lanvin for H&M

According to what Alber Elbaz, head designer at Lanvin, says in the video on the collaboration between the fashion house he works for and Swedish chain-store H&M the collection will be a recreation of what he actually did for Lanvin and the samples he saw are so good, he almost couldn't tell the difference between Lanvin for H&M and actual Lanvin clothes. 
If that's really true that collection coming out on the 23rd, November 2010 ist going to be a dream come true for every fashion interested female - and I'm going to be so JEALOUS!!!

(picture: H&M)


Store opening - Ellesse

Leonardo Servadio founded Ellesse (the name derives from his name's initials) in Perugia in 1959.
Throughout the 1970s Ellesse became popular for it's ski wear. Another sport creating the fascination about the brand since its early years was tennis. No coincidence as the Ellesse logo is a combination of the form of a tennis ball with the shape of the tips of a pair of skis in it.
During the 70s and 80s Ellesse built a reputation for the successful combination of sportswear clothes and their funcionality with fashion styling. It was one of the first sportswear brands to feature their logo prominently on the outside of its garments. In the mid-1980s, French fashion designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac worked with Ellesse. One of the earliest collaborations between a sportswear brand and a fashion designer.
Remains to be seen if the label can recreate that magic when it comes to popularity, by riding on the current retro wave... But they definitely made a good first step by opening their new flagship store at Berlin's Weinmeister Straße the day before yesterday.



Styling by Hugo Hase

Check out the outcome of my latest styling job for Berlin singer Valentine at Viva live.


Sneak Preview - Marshall Headphones

The heavy sound of Marshall has been carried over the world for nearly 50 years. Breathless roadies and roaring trucks have worked hard to make Marshall heard all across the globe. Now, time has come for you to carry this magnificent burden of rock ‘n’ roll all by yourself.

About half a decade on tour with some of the most wild and famous musicians gathered a lot of experience. This knowledge was put into every single aspect of the Marshall headphones to enhance their sound, aesthetics and everyday usability.

The official worldwide launch date of the Marshall headphones will be the 15th, November 2010. To learn more check out www.marshallheadphones.com.

(picture: Silk Relations)

Fotoshooting für alle Fashionfans am 22. & 23.10. - Galeries Lafayette

Fashionfans aufgepasst!

„Du bist die Mode“ geht in die zweite Runde und präsentiert die nächste Styling Aktion bei der wieder Stilgefühl und Kreativität gefragt sind. Nach dem wahnsinns Erfolg der großen Streetstyle Fashion Show mit 200 „Models“ auf der Friedrichstrasse am 30. September, findet nun am Freitag, den 22.10. und Samstag, den 23.10. jeweils von 14:00 bis 19:30 Uhr eine Styling Aktion der besonderen Art statt.

Die Galeries Lafayette stellt Euch die neuen Wintertrends zur Verfügung, die Ihr dann mit euren eigenen und individuellen Styles selbst kombinieren und mixen könnt, betreut von einem Profistylisten (wieso wurde ich dafür nicht angefragt??!!). Anschließend kann man sich von Make-up-Artisten stylen und von einem Profi-Fotografen shooten lassen.

Die Fotos werden Anfang November auf www.dubistdiemode.de präsentiert und stehen zum Voting bereit.

In der eigens eingerichteten Fashion-Area in der 1. Etage werden DJs und eine Bar des neuen Beauty-Drinks OCÓO auf die Trendsetter warten.

Zu gewinnen gibt es drei tolle Shoppinggutscheine im Wert von 250 € in der Galeries Lafayette Berlin. 
Also Freitag oder Samstag Zeit freihalten!


Nick Wooster - Badass & Stilikone

Kürzlich besuchte ich die Dauerausstellung zum Thema Mode im Londoner Viktoria & Albert Museum und dabei wurde das untermauert, was man ohnehin weiß, wenn man sich etwas mit Designermode beschäftigt: Männermode hat sich seit gut einem Jahrhundert kaum verändert. Abgesehen von minimalen Details - mal wurden die Revers an Sakkos verlängert, dann mal verkürzt, mal verbreitert und dann wieder schmaler, mal verliefen sie steigend, mal fallend. In manchen Dekaden waren Dreiteiler angesagt und dann verzichtete man wiederum auf die Anzugsweste. Ein überschaubares Hin und Her also.

Dann kamen zur Mitte des letzten Jahrhunderts die Jeans als Bekleidung der Masse auf und setzten sich in den Siebzigern schließlich sogar als bürotauglich durch - und damit wurde ein gewisses Maß an männlichem Stil zu Grabe getragen.

Ab den Achtzigern begannen viele Designer verstärkt avantgardistische Männermode, u. a. mit Männerröcken und neuartigen Silhouetten, durchzusetzen und massentauglich machen zu wollen. Bislang ohne größeren Erfolg. Stattdessen wird Männermode wieder zunehmend spießig und eintönig. Casual-Styles werden überwiegend von sportiven Einflüssen geprägt und Business-Looks von Geschlechtsgenossen, die in Berufen arbeiten die immer noch eine traditionelle Uniform erfordern, sind meist unglaublich uninspiriert.

Ein Glück, dass es aber auch lobenswerte Ausnahme gibt, deren mediale Präsenz (zumindest auf einschlägigen Modeseiten und -blogs) andere Männer zu mehr Einfallsreichtum inspirieren könnte. Allen voran Nick Wooster - der aktuelle Men's Fashion Director der Neiman Marcus Group, zu der neben Neiman Marcus auch Bergdorf Goodman gehört. Davor machte Wooster arbeitsbedingt Station bei Labels wie John Bartlett, Ralph Lauren und Calvin Klein - sicher auch stilbildende Erfahrungen.
Wooster ist ein Verfächter des klassischen Dandy-Looks, den er allerdings auf eine sehr tragbare, männliche und zeitgemäße Weise für sich interpretiert.

Das graue Haupthaar, mit kurzrasierten Schläfen und der fein säuberlich gestutzte Voll- und Oberlippenbart rahmen ein Gesicht ein, das oft hinter klassischen, coolen Sonnenbrillen versteckt wird. Zusammen mit seinen bunt tätowierten Armen (die natürlich nur bei Sakko-losen Kurzarmhemden zum Vorschein kommen), die genauso muskelbepackt sind, wie der restliche Körper, bilden sie die Grundlage eines maskulinen Erscheinungsbildes, das meist bis ins Details durchdacht und durchgestylt ist und trotzdem nie überladen wirkt.

Dreiteiler, Krawattennadeln, Fliegen (auch mal auf das Anzugsmuster abgestimmt) und gemusterte Materialien sind Zutaten eines Looks, der das tragbar ins Alltagsleben, eines einflussreichen Modeprofis, übersetzt, was Dandy-Kollege (aber leider fiktive Figur) Chuck Bass (gespielt von Gossip Girl-Schauspieler Ed Westwick) in teils überladener, over-the-top Manier in der TV-Serie zelebriert.

Würden doch nur mehr Angehörige meines Geschlechts sich, zumindest ein wenig, an diesen fabelhaften Vorbildern orientieren. Das fände ich in Jeans-dominierten Einheitslook-Zeiten mehr als erstrebenswert. Stilvolles Auftreten erfordert dazu noch nicht einmal ein überdimensionales Bankkonto, sondern in erster Linie eine Portion Mut. Stilvoll bedeutet nicht gleich schwul - wenn man sich davon erstmal selbst überzeugt hat, gelingt das vielleicht auch bei anderen...

Lookbook - Weekday Man Fall/Winter

Black - the most fashionable color. At least in the eyes of the designers of Swedish chain store Weekday. You should definitely pay a visit to the Weekday store these days because they have some interesting designer collaborations going on at the moment - with Diana Orving, Oden Wilson, Stine Goya, Carin Wester and The Local Firm (http://www.weekday.com/).


Lookbook - Zara Man Fall/Winter

I've already seen some of those pieces in the stores. I really have to admit that from all the highstreet stores providing menswear in Germany Zara has got the best collection this fall/winter. I especially like the Scandinavian style pullovers, drop crotch-worker pants with braces and the leather vest. 
But they also got some great grey boots with fake fur lining that look great and some bags I like, that are not shown here. So check out Zara at your next opportunity. The women should do that immediately as well, because there are some umbrellas in stores now that look so amazingly cute and chic and they are only 20 € - so get going!

(pictures from Zara)

Great editorial - Common & Sense Man

Checking out a few of my favourite fashion sites today I discovered this great editorial on http://www.stockholmstreetstyle.feber.se. The lovely models name is Adnan Djinovic (styled with the current it-do you see on every third guy on the street - but in a nice voluminous way). He's dressed completely in Prada's fall collection - and some private pieces belonging to the stylist. The photographer was Antonin Guidicci. And the editorial got published in Common & Sense Man (a magazine I have to admit have never heard of... but obviously it should be paid more attention to in the future).  
I especially like the pictures taken in that natural environment with the tunnels and the rail tracks.

Unfortunately the site doesn't say who the stylist was who did this. Cause who would have thought that you could get such great everyday (but still very fashionesque) looks out of a collection that looked rather questionable on the runway. Of course Miuccia Prada's work is always edgy with a kind of beauty that needs to discovered... But the guys in the fall/winter runway show looked like haggard shemale art class teachers with a wacky fashion sense who are not able to wash their pullovers right (shrinking them accidentally to size 0)... So I would say that this is really a stylist job well done!


Long time no post...

I'm so sorry readers for not having posted anything lately. There's been so much going on - not necessarily in my life - but in the fashion world. With fashion weeks finished almost everywhere and so many fabulous ideas for spring/summer next year, which of course we would just love to have right now - not the clothes and ideas, but most importantly the seasons!!
But fall and winter can be fun to, when it comes to styling. With wool hats - and I don't think of anything beanie-like or the ones you wear when skiing, but stylish old school hats! Or long, big, thick scarfs - the more the better. Or just the most amazing wintercoats. I'm really looking forward to wear all of those - topped off with some crazy sunglasses. As I had to pull some clothes from agencies for a shooting today I have five crazy cool sunglasses from Mykita sitting on my livingroom table - and I want to keep them so much! Unfortunately I have to return the borrowed clothes and stuff tomorrow... But I can still wear one pair of them when heading to Mitte in the morning before doing the return - yeay...

And here they are - Mykita collaborations with Marios Schwab and Herr von Eden. So special!

And after the return I'll be heading to Soho House for a presentation of some collection. I'll let you know what that will be all about in the next days.
And the very reason for posting today anyway was, that I wanted to tell you that I will be reviewing the Fashion Weeks in the next days as well. Now one could say, why should we read that when we could have read about shows of New York Fashion Week weeks ago on style.com?! So very true, but only here you will get the opinion of Hugo Hase on the works of the various designers - and what more important opinion is there? Except for maybe Anna's...

(pictures via mykita.com)