Fall/Winter Trends: New pleats please!

Pleated skirts are for schoolgirls? If you ever had that thought that might be over now...

I'm a big fan of pleated skirts - people who know me can tell... That's why I'm going to find the perfect kilt while I'm staying in London for Fashion Week. I know a kilt is not a skirt (every Scot would insist on that fact), but it's dawn close and I want one - now!

The skirts at Proenza Schouler looked a little school-uniformy, but really naughty at the same time. The same goes for the micro-mini styles at Just Cavalli - especially when paired with leather leggings you can go from teachers pet to rock chick in a blink of an eye! And the varying size of the pleats is really interesting too.
Versus has got a very different take on pleated skirts altogether. Either the skirts are made from flashy lurex materials in bold colors or they are part of skintight bondage dresses - way to go for a night out clubbing!
And the prude over-the-knee-length version at Michael Kors gets the trophy when it comes to sluttyness and fabulousness at the same time - but this most wearable kind should absolutely be worn with tights - non-transparent please!

(all original pictures burrowed from style.com)

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