Fall/Winter Trends: Long, longer, MAXI

Okay true, it may not always be a practical thing to wear floorlength garments in fall and winter, with rain, snow and dirt everywhere. But did anybody ever say that fashion has to be pracital?! Definitely not! It's always STYLE FIRST!

And floorlength skirts and coats just look amazing - at least if you're about 1,75 meters tall... If not, killerheels will be available, cause these trends are not to be missed. The are the easiest way to stand out from the crowd, as you don't see long skirts and coats very often on the streets.

The danger is that you might end up looking like Neo from the Matrix (okay the Versace-"Future-70s"-Look also does a little). To avoid that the styling should be feminine and elegant (like always...haha). The coats and jackets over long skirts should be belted by all means - the way it was done at Vivienne Westwood is the way to go this season!

(original pictures burrowed from style.com)

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