Fall/Winter Trends: New New Look

At the late 1940s Christian Dior created his revolutionary New Look. The tulip line was created by wide bottoms and narrow waists. After a difficult time and crises caused by World War II Dior wanted to make the world beautiful again. Designers today do the same thing in a way... It seems that many nations worldwide overcame the financial crisis - time to show off again already...

I really like the A-silhouette, wide skirts, petticoats, but it can be a dangerous thing. If your not the tiniest person you might end up looking massive - like some of the models in the Louis Vuitton fashion show. It's not easy to find a coat or jacket that looks good worn over a wide bottom piece. At LV some of the size 4 models ended up looking like a 14...

(original pictures burrowed from style.com)

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