Fall/Winter Trends: Go fur!

Finally another trend to get postet... Although this particular one is nothing really new at all.
Every fall and winter some labels come along with spectacular fur coats, jackets, stoles or even skirts. Since fur has become a question of political correctness or incorrectness many years ago some designers try to avoid attacks of nature activists by using fake fur again - which passed it's heyday (which it never really had) decades ago, in my opinion.

Even one of the biggest fashion houses couldn't pull that off - the big C... Who could have guessed that a show consisting almost completely of outfits made off fake fur could look so cheap - but still you have to pay many thousand Euros for one of the jackets in retail...
I held one of those fake fur slips in my hands weeks ago and thought, if this would be 3 Euro at KIK nobody would even bother looking at this ugly piece of trash.

Thank god other labels can handle the real thing so much better! I especially like the power look at DSquared - off course...

And even if it's real fur it is not that horrible after all. Many designers use fur that was hunted in a political correct way.

(original pictures burrowed from style.com)


Fall/Winter Trends: New New Look

At the late 1940s Christian Dior created his revolutionary New Look. The tulip line was created by wide bottoms and narrow waists. After a difficult time and crises caused by World War II Dior wanted to make the world beautiful again. Designers today do the same thing in a way... It seems that many nations worldwide overcame the financial crisis - time to show off again already...

I really like the A-silhouette, wide skirts, petticoats, but it can be a dangerous thing. If your not the tiniest person you might end up looking massive - like some of the models in the Louis Vuitton fashion show. It's not easy to find a coat or jacket that looks good worn over a wide bottom piece. At LV some of the size 4 models ended up looking like a 14...

(original pictures burrowed from style.com)

Fall/Winter Trends: Camel

I usually hate that nonsense about some color being the new black or whatever, but I have to say that the favourite color of some designers, for the upcoming season, is really a good alternative for the most fashionable (non)color black - Camel.
It's easy to combine with almost every other color and it looks good in all materials.

I love the combination at Dries van Noten with accessories in cognac color!
A cost-conscious way to get a great camel piece is the H&M Trend department. Right now there's a fabulous Celine style coat avaiable for 129,00 Euro. It's also featured in the new H&M magazine.

(original pictures borrowed from style.com)


Stylish trash - Caroline Baggi

In 2005 Caroline Baggi founded her own label after working for Dépêche Mode magazine and Guy Laroche in Paris. The young Italian designs accessories and jewellery. Her creations and designs are influenced by various artists like Annette Messager, Lord Byron or Sue Catwoman.

Her latest collection „Sea chic so chic“ is influenced by the whole universe. She uses natural material like pearls and leather and combines them with artifical material like rubber and gold or silver plated metals.

Caroline Baggi can be bought in 15 countries, e.g. at Bloomingdales in New York or Colette in Paris.

But you can also get those crazy new accessories online – www.antecedens.de - free of shipping costs!

(all pictures: www.style-communication.de)