Couture report - Jan Taminiau

Jan Taminiau recently showed his latest collection - as the Amsterdam located designer only does couture - couture for fall and winter 2010.
The collection is all about the concept of mirroring and reflection. “Old” couture reflected in contemporary couture. This really shows in the modern 80s silhouette, which is combined with classic couture elements.

The colors that dominate the collection are different shades of nude, liver and pale grey.

The materials used are crêpes, chiffon, sequins, hand woven degrade fabrics, Swarovski crystals, and metal knit work. (Transparent) crystals play an important role in the clothes. They are used frequently under a layer of sheer fabric such as chiffon. Kind of like Kilian Kerner did in his recent collection in a wedding dress... At Jan Taminiau it's much more detailed and done in a more luxury way.

The cuts are generally slender, stretched, v-shaped silhouettes, the centre of gravity being the top part, portraying an ultra feminine image. The long blazers, high waisted pieces and big shoulders everywhere show once again - the 80s revival will go on and on - there's no end in sight.

(Pictures by Peter Stigter)

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