Couture report - Dior

Flowers got some magic about them. Some exude delicious scents, like only mother earth can compose them, and their beauty can create happiness. Unfortunately nature also arranged that fall and winter got a lack when it comes to that floral pleasentness. Maybe that was one of the reasons for John Galliano leading him to conjure up his new fall/winter haute couture collection.

Of course it's a collection with an almost all-embracing color palette. The noncolors black, grey and white are used very sparingly and are supplemented with yellow, orange, red, different shades of pink and lilac, shades of green and different blues - from bright to light.

Daffodils, roses, lilies and fringed Crispa-tulips provided the ideas for the silhouettes of the designs and for various prints. The bottom part of a feathered and ruched coat for example resembles a tulip. The flower theme was used less strikingly in an outfit composed of a pullover in jade green with an enormous voluminous turtleneck combined with a black taffeta bubble skirt which is not only draped, but also got some petals attached on the side.

The fifties silhouette, which Galliano adores, is created by cinched-in waists - corded with raffia or silk-bows - combined with very full bottoms. The detailed completion with colorful but stern makeup and gloves builds another bridge to that decade gone by. The heads of the models wrapped in florist's plastic and his luxurios gardener outfit show how much John Galliano likes to live in the worlds his incomparable creativity comes to life.

If our world was more like a Garden Eden, in which you would have to wear more than your birthday suit, the costumes, mini dresses, full-length dresses and coats would be the daywear that would have to make room for the gigantic domes of tulle overlaid with gloriously colored swags of organza at night.

(pictures from www.picapp.com)


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