Modern men - Louis Vuitton

Thank god for Paul Helbers! Seems like he is just the man Marc Jacobs needed to help him create a menswear collection for spring/summer next year that is so much more functioning than his last womens collection. Almost every look is just working - I guess Tim Gunn just loves that fact about it...

I think this collection really represents a new kind of male. Or better very different kind of men - all quite fabulous! It's got classic (safari-like) as well as modern color combinations, very lux and interesting fabrics, beautiful bags and a wide range of silhouttes.

I especially like the belt driven focus on the waist. Some labels, like Armani, startet to focus on that area of the body with their last fall/winter collections. LV now continues by putting belts over jackets and jacket-look-a-like shirts. The different length of shorts are very nice, just like the straight cut, not to slim, long pants.

I really like the way to wear a scarf under a closed jacket - or belted. The sequined materials look so rich - and kind of still manly. Just like the mesh shirts. This big women's trend of this season seams to be very important - and breezy - for guys next year. Good for us!

(pictures from picapp.com)

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