Finally, bold accessories for men - Lanvin

Lanvin is one of my favourite labels when it comes to womenswear. It's always interesting and feminine and innovative - either because of Alber Elbaz' fabulous skills when it comes to draping or new ideas, like the feathery dresses for fall/winter.

Also the jewellery for women is always fantastic. Statement pieces - bold with loads of style!

And in their menswear show in Paris they showed bold accessories for men, too. Pretty impressive...

(Pictures burrowed from www.picapp.com and www.style.com)


Modern men - Louis Vuitton

Thank god for Paul Helbers! Seems like he is just the man Marc Jacobs needed to help him create a menswear collection for spring/summer next year that is so much more functioning than his last womens collection. Almost every look is just working - I guess Tim Gunn just loves that fact about it...

I think this collection really represents a new kind of male. Or better very different kind of men - all quite fabulous! It's got classic (safari-like) as well as modern color combinations, very lux and interesting fabrics, beautiful bags and a wide range of silhouttes.

I especially like the belt driven focus on the waist. Some labels, like Armani, startet to focus on that area of the body with their last fall/winter collections. LV now continues by putting belts over jackets and jacket-look-a-like shirts. The different length of shorts are very nice, just like the straight cut, not to slim, long pants.

I really like the way to wear a scarf under a closed jacket - or belted. The sequined materials look so rich - and kind of still manly. Just like the mesh shirts. This big women's trend of this season seams to be very important - and breezy - for guys next year. Good for us!

(pictures from picapp.com)


Down in the archives - Versace

Why this collection is my favourite menswear collection for spring /summer 2011 so far, is out of the questions for anybody who knows me. Being that huge 80s-fan that I am, I would just love to wear almost all of those new Versace looks... (The same goes for the upcoming FW-collection. That one is not eighties at all, but the lean leather pants and tops are to die for!)

It can always be considered a plus when a fashion label existed all throughout the eighties and accordingly is able to still the mania for eighties style that still lasts with inspiration from things created by the own house.

Martyn Bal is the new man on Donatella's side - at least when it comes to the creative input for menswear in the house of Versace. Working off photographs of rockabilly boys, taken by Bruce Weber at the end of the glamorous decade, as well as ideas taken from the archive - from old Jeans Couture and Versus collections - they created the most new wavy collection for next years summer so far.

The silhoutte is taken someplace new by fittet jackets with shortened sleeves and lean trousers that are rolled up at the ankle. Dress shirts received an rather unconventional optic because of sleevelessness, transparent materials, two-tone optics and geometrical bibs.

Furthermore the silver jewellery wearing models with blow-dried hairdos were dressed in slim leather pants, red donkey jackets, acid washed jeans, suits made from sheeny fabrics and a-jour knitted tops.
The main design element were fringes. They were used in all kinds of clothes. And black and white vorticistic prints, which were mostly used for swimwear.

The color palette is dominated by white and black anyway - especially black. The dark noncolor was combined with different shades of grey, red, blue and pink.

Although most people are getting a little sick of the ongoing eighties revival (just a guess) there is no end in sight. There's life in the old dog yet - that expression never seemed so true... thank god!

(pictures from LOEWS agency/Munich)


A come-back...

I'm so sorry for not posting for over a month - I hope that nobody visited my site and got bored!
First I was on holiday and then my laptop had to be repaired.

My first posts after the long break will be online soon - on the menswear from Milan of course. So stay tuned!