Shopping for the good cause - H&M Fashion against Aids

Summer is full of outdoor activities - we all like to be outside when the sun is shining and the city's buzzing. There are festivals to be attended, outdoor movie screenings to be taken part in, beer gardens to be visited and the sunday walk in the park will surely be an important element of this summer as well.

From the 27th of May H&M offers us the chance to do all that looking good - in their new Fashion against Aids collections. From that day it will be available in most H&M stores with a Divided department. After some lousy FAA-collections - collaborations with dubious musicians - this years collection seems to be pretty good.
The items that will be available look interesting and special and the prices will be reasonable. There will be ethnic inspired tops, dresses and jewellery, golden cycling shorts, leather jackets and headphones. Festival fans will even be able to get new tents and sleeping bags (with Paisley prints) at H&M. And if you spend way to much on the FAA stuff you can still feel pretty good, because 25% of the earnings will be donated to Aids-awareness programms for juveniles.

(pictures by H&M)

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