More for your money - Marni plastic bags

With two visionary artists working together the outcome usually tends to be great. The latest proof for that is the collaboration of Marni and French artist Claude Caillol.

Consuelo Castiglioni, creative director at Marni (and one of the most visionary fashion designers of our time - in my opinion!) invited Caillol to the headquarters in Milan to do, what made him famous - paint naive paintings onto recycled plastic bags...

Using Marni's PVC-bags as canvas the French painter customized them with various motives, some of them abstract and some figurative. The results were printed onto other bags and leather handles and metal studs were added to them.

So if you ever wanted to shop at Marni you should wait until June - then the Marni Winter Edition 2010 Plastic Collection will be available, and you'll get a nice gift on top of your purchase.

(Pictures from Marni)


  1. Oh, this sounds great! I love Marni and that second bag looks super cool for spring/summer...

  2. The transparent stripey one with the brown leather handles is so beautiful - and perfect for the beach :-)

  3. i love the slightly hypnotic nature of them, where the graphics almost look like holograms and the colours fizz. a great post!