Let's get to work - Levi's 201 collection

Levi’s recently unveiled the first pictures of its new 201 product line, which will be available from fall 2010.

With an undeniable work and heritage theme, the 201 line as you would imagine involves the focus on one Levi’s popular workwear choices, the 201. The original 201 was already worn as workwear two centuries ago! Now it's coming back to revolutionize the jeans market (e.g. with 3 pockets, not 5 as usual).

The 201’s main characteristics of the past include a single pocket, donut buttons, linen patches and a relatively lower-quality denim (compared to the Levi's quality of today). However in this modern update, similar features have been maintained as well as the use of Levi’s quality denim. Aside from jeans, the collection also includes various shirts and jackets style.

(pictures burrowed from http://hypebeast.com)

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