Flash sneaker store now open in London - GUCCI X Mark Ronson

On the 22nd of April a pop-up store in London opended its doors - the Gucci Icon-Temporary Flash Sneaker Store. (37 Earlham Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London WC2)

There were two other Gucci pop-up stores before, last year. One in New York and one in Miami. Now the London crowd has the chance to shop the limited edition shoes for three weeks - until the store moves on to its next location.
The interior of the stores was designed by Frida Giannini - creative director of the fashion house.

For the project Giannini worked together with world-famous music producer Mark Ronson. They designed a line with 17 limited edition sneakers. 15 for men and only two for women. Each city has its own model, you can only buy in that city.
Each Gucci Icon-Temporary sneaker features typical Gucci attributes, like the GG-logo and the green-red-green Gucci-stripe (some cleverly hidden - so it's not so much "in your face").

So Gucci-Fans everywhere better check if your passport's still valid and get ready for travel!

(pictures by Network Public Relations)