Bible of fashion ads: "20th Century Fashion – 100 Years of Apparel Ads"

In today's estimation and perception each decade of the 20th century had it's own special style. Architecture, product and fashion design - it is almost always clear in which decade something was created. If the same goes for fashion ad campaigns can now be checked by a fabulous new book published by Taschen Verlag: "20th Century Fashion – 100 Years of Apparel Ads".

On 460 pages you get an overview of groundbreaking changes in fashion within the last century and how they were promoted to the public. Until the mid sixties hand-drawn illustrations were the common thing, then they were displaced by photography.

Whether it comes to hairnets for "immaculate" housewives of the fifties, Stretson hats for their husbands, glasses of the seventies thought of as dodgy nowadays, colorful Benetton ads of the eighties and various underwear campaigns - this all-embracing retrospective gives you insight in loads of advertisement - full of nostalgic moments!

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