Reason to party - Weekday / Cheap monday

If you're lucky to be in one of the following cities tonight, you should take the chance to attend the local Cheap monday Customized Tour party - Stockholm, Gothenborg, Malmo, Uppsala, Arhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg or Cologne. The parties take place at the local Weekday-Stores after their closure.

The party is your chance to take a first look at the 300 pairs of customized Jeans by Cheap monday. Each one has been customized by hand through bleaching, washing, sand papering or by using applications like straps, hooks and vinyl plastics. Sounds a bit dowdy, like the whole bondage and sadomasochism theme of the parties, but the jeans might actually look pretty cool and the parties may be fun!
The jeans are available from Friday and they come at the usual low Cheap monday-price.

One reason to party for all my Berlin readers is the upcoming
Weekday-Store opening at
Berlin Friedrichstrasse in July. Finally we get to lay hands on the cool Weekday-styles without having to travel for hours beforehand...

(picture by Cheap monday)

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