One Chanel to-go, please...

On the 1st of May the whole world will be looking at Shanghai, for it will be the day the World exhibition opens. For half a year this mega event is going to break records and build superlatives.
Reason enough for the personified superlative in the universe of fashion - Karl Lagerfeld - to conjure up an Asian inspired limited range of accessories.

The collection is not that wide, but very diverse. There are brooches and bracelets and a necklace in the shape of (or decorated with) a dragon - a very common creature in Chinese legends.

Then there's one classic Chanel handbag that got a new look by covering it completely with sequins (available in green or red).

Then there are different accessories in the form of Chinese looking dolls - and of course the "Take-away-bag". It looks like a noodle-take-away-box made from fine Chanel bouclé, with metallic borders and a chain.

The collection is inspired by China, but you can bet that it will be sold successfully all over the world. To lay hands on it will be difficult though, because it'll only be available in five Chanel boutiques worldwide...

P.S. I loooove the doll-bag!

(all pictures by Chanel)