My press trip to Holland

The week before last week I had the chance to go on a press trip to Holland.

The name of the program was "Between Haute Couture and redlight fashion - a journey in the fashion metropolises of the Netherlands".

I can only recommend a trip to Holland to anyone who's interested in fashion. Who knew there was more to the Netherlands than windmills, tulips and cheese?! ;-)

But the start of the programm in the redlight district of Amsterdam already took my breath away... There are 18 up and coming designers, everyone living and working in a seperate house. The Redlight Fashion Amsterdam program was founded by the HTNK agency in 2008. They wanted it to be temporary, but it's such a huge success, that it still goes on.
It's kind of out of the ordinary to walk past some windows and see naked women who sell their bodies for money next to couturesque clothes, but very interesting!

(at Jan Taminiau's atelier)

I had the chance to visit the ateliers of Jan Taminiau and ...and beyond. The things the do are completely different but great in their concept. Taminiau does more handmade couture pieces with extraordinary embellishments and ...and beyond is more about exceptionell and beautiful prints.

(in the house of ...and beyond)

I had a talk with the maker of Amsterdam International Fashion Week and was invited to that - in July this year. Another chance to take a look at the new work from Jan Taminiau and ...and beyond and OntFront (who were giving a presentation in the AIFW headquarters) and many more...

On the second day of the program I got to visit the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and the Centraalmuseum in Uttricht.

The Gemeentemuseum is showing a great Haute couture exhibition right now. Just have a look at the pics - it was breathtaking! Seeing gorgeous works from big name designers like Christian Dior, Elie Saab, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Maison Martin Margiela, Anne Valerie Hash, Madeleine Vionnet and many more...

Seeing the beautiful beautiful Dior wedding dress Carrie wore in the Sex and the city movie up-close was fantastic!

The Centraalmuseum in Uttricht is doing an exhibition on Dutch designer Alexander van Slobbe these days.

It was interesting to see the work of the most well known (after Viktor & Rolf of course) designer from the Netherlands! There was also a workroom were you could pic on of van Slobbe's patterns (which are extremly timeless) and sew your own dress - a great idea!

So if you're into fashion Holland is definitely worth a trip!

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