Fashion press day in Berlin - le stress...

Today I had the chance to visit various Berlin pr-agency.

(the result - loads and loads of lookbooks...)

They presented the collections for fall/winter 2010/11. Well I don't know, it was of course interesting looking at the clothes and accessories, but a bit difficult as well - becoming excited about winter clothes when heading towards summer right now just feels odd...

(at Agency V)

And the other negative aspect is, that I usually like spring/summer collections better - they are more colorful, there's a bigger diversity in shapes and length. It's more fun!
But nevertheless it wouldn't hurt hitting some jackpot the next few month, because naturally I spotted must-haves (for me ;-)

(at Arne Eberle PR)

One thing I learned - or better I had proved today (luckily!) was that it's still everything about the shoulder. Embellishments, shoulder pads or cuts that focussed on that body part were seen everywhere.

(at ACNE)

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