At the Nespresso event with Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist)

Yesterday evening I had a chance to take a glimpse at world famous street style blogger Scott Schuman who's better known as "The Sartorialist".

He was having a discussion on fashion and style blogging with Mary Scherpe from "Stil in Berlin" at Michelbergerhotel at Warschauer Strasse in Berlin. The event was hostet by Nespresso for which Schuman and his famous Parisian college Garance Doré (Une fille comme moi) each designed a limited edition of the Nespresso coffee machine. The both took pictures as well from typical coffee related moments in New York and Paris - that were on display in the hotel yesterday.

During the talk with Mary he was constantly losing track of the question he was faced with, as he was rattling on and on going from one thought to the next, but it was nevertheless interesting listening to him. He's a lot of fun that guy I would say...

Only his believe that Berlin resembles Stockholm the most, when it comes to style was completly ridiculous I think. And the believe that people in Berlin and Stockholm only dress down, because the are so naturally beautiful (maybe the Sweden, but not the multicultural crowd here) that they don't want to offend anyone but dressing up as well - come on! How unrealistic is that. People in Berlin are mostly lazy when it comes to dressing up and the think that it's not that cool to look overdone - which is a very sad thing!

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