Androgynous duo - Undercover

Frangrance stimulate our mementos. Specific smells make us recall specific moments, things, events, people. Hence they can help to make a long-lasting impression - if only they are special enough...

We are now offered the chance to differ from the omnipresent clouds of perfume and deodorant worn by passersby on the street and fellow passengers on public transportation, by two new perfumes by Undercover.

In cooperation with Comme des garcons "Holygrace" and "Holygrapie" were developed. Jun Takahashi created the eau de toilettes that can be worn by women and men alike. They are based on the image of his handmade stuffed toy creature Grace and her child Grapie. The flacon may look a little granny-like, but the fragrance is really fresh and outstanding. One smells very clean, kind of the smell of babies and the other one is rather elegant with ingredients like jasmine and pepper. They kind of bild a bridge to soaps from former times...


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