Nice pretty things or pretty nice things... H&M

Here are a few faboulus items available right now or coming to the H&M-stores in the next few weeks... So keep your eyes open if you want to look great without spending big!

Most of these clothes are from the H&M trend lines - Ladies trend and Men trend. Their label is dark lilac. Only very few stores offer those.

(Pictures: H&M, taken by Peter Gehrke)

Reason to party - Weekday / Cheap monday

If you're lucky to be in one of the following cities tonight, you should take the chance to attend the local Cheap monday Customized Tour party - Stockholm, Gothenborg, Malmo, Uppsala, Arhus, Copenhagen, Hamburg or Cologne. The parties take place at the local Weekday-Stores after their closure.

The party is your chance to take a first look at the 300 pairs of customized Jeans by Cheap monday. Each one has been customized by hand through bleaching, washing, sand papering or by using applications like straps, hooks and vinyl plastics. Sounds a bit dowdy, like the whole bondage and sadomasochism theme of the parties, but the jeans might actually look pretty cool and the parties may be fun!
The jeans are available from Friday and they come at the usual low Cheap monday-price.

One reason to party for all my Berlin readers is the upcoming
Weekday-Store opening at
Berlin Friedrichstrasse in July. Finally we get to lay hands on the cool Weekday-styles without having to travel for hours beforehand...

(picture by Cheap monday)


One Chanel to-go, please...

On the 1st of May the whole world will be looking at Shanghai, for it will be the day the World exhibition opens. For half a year this mega event is going to break records and build superlatives.
Reason enough for the personified superlative in the universe of fashion - Karl Lagerfeld - to conjure up an Asian inspired limited range of accessories.

The collection is not that wide, but very diverse. There are brooches and bracelets and a necklace in the shape of (or decorated with) a dragon - a very common creature in Chinese legends.

Then there's one classic Chanel handbag that got a new look by covering it completely with sequins (available in green or red).

Then there are different accessories in the form of Chinese looking dolls - and of course the "Take-away-bag". It looks like a noodle-take-away-box made from fine Chanel bouclé, with metallic borders and a chain.

The collection is inspired by China, but you can bet that it will be sold successfully all over the world. To lay hands on it will be difficult though, because it'll only be available in five Chanel boutiques worldwide...

P.S. I loooove the doll-bag!

(all pictures by Chanel)

Androgynous duo - Undercover

Frangrance stimulate our mementos. Specific smells make us recall specific moments, things, events, people. Hence they can help to make a long-lasting impression - if only they are special enough...

We are now offered the chance to differ from the omnipresent clouds of perfume and deodorant worn by passersby on the street and fellow passengers on public transportation, by two new perfumes by Undercover.

In cooperation with Comme des garcons "Holygrace" and "Holygrapie" were developed. Jun Takahashi created the eau de toilettes that can be worn by women and men alike. They are based on the image of his handmade stuffed toy creature Grace and her child Grapie. The flacon may look a little granny-like, but the fragrance is really fresh and outstanding. One smells very clean, kind of the smell of babies and the other one is rather elegant with ingredients like jasmine and pepper. They kind of bild a bridge to soaps from former times...



Fashion press day in Berlin - le stress...

Today I had the chance to visit various Berlin pr-agency.

(the result - loads and loads of lookbooks...)

They presented the collections for fall/winter 2010/11. Well I don't know, it was of course interesting looking at the clothes and accessories, but a bit difficult as well - becoming excited about winter clothes when heading towards summer right now just feels odd...

(at Agency V)

And the other negative aspect is, that I usually like spring/summer collections better - they are more colorful, there's a bigger diversity in shapes and length. It's more fun!
But nevertheless it wouldn't hurt hitting some jackpot the next few month, because naturally I spotted must-haves (for me ;-)

(at Arne Eberle PR)

One thing I learned - or better I had proved today (luckily!) was that it's still everything about the shoulder. Embellishments, shoulder pads or cuts that focussed on that body part were seen everywhere.

(at ACNE)


Really nice pictures...

I'm cleaning my flat at the moment and I just came across some things I'm going to get rid of...

...like the spring/summer-lookbook of Adidas SLVR

I think the pictures are really nice - the diversity of the locations and the change of colored pictures and black and white ones is great.

and the RAW magazine by G-Star with the lovely Liv Tyler!

I don't know how they got her as their model, but Liv looks so great in the G-Star raw ads.


Nearly everything Schottish.... Pringle of Scotland

Hollywood-actors and -actresses that not only make movies, but work as models additionally are nothing new. Many of them are so ravishingly beautiful that they seem predestined for mass-market commercials. Others are characters, one of a kind or simply special. One of those is Scottish multitalent Tilda Swinton.

The Oscar-winning actress did several adds before and from September this year she can be seen in the new fall/winter campaign of Pringle of Scotland. So the collaboration of the almost 200 year old label and Swinton continues.

The pictures will be taken in the Scottish Highlands by New York photographer Ryan McGinley, who usually tends to picturing people nude... Alongside him Douglas Gordon, an awarded Scottish artist, who also lives in New York will be involved in the project. I'm looking forward to see what they will create!