The little dos and don'ts of Hollywood's most important red carpet

Last night the annual Academy Awards took place and few of the attendees were lucky to go home afterwards (or after the after parties) with a shiny Oscar in their hands. Some of those winners (or nominees) were also lucky enough to choose a perfect outfit, worthy of an award that important - others were not... Here we go!

The Moonies...
Armani's moon-inspired haute couture collection was not one of the most wearable that were shown this spring in Paris. Two big stars were not afraid of that fact. Where Amanda Seyfried can pull the look of, because she chose a dress with a classic pattern (that looks a tad boring in pictures - I bet that material is impressive when you see it close-up), JLo just fails completely. She's got the hugest behind of all slim female stars - why does she have to wear a dress with so much material in that body area?! It looks like her butt has become that huge, it needs it's own dress now...

The surprise guests...
Because you would have been surprised noticing it's them. Diane Kruger (in Chanel Haute Couture) somehow managed to wear a dress that did not look boring - and be the only woman wearing it that evening. Unfortunately it didn't have the magic powers to shrink her head or make it look less huge in any other way, pity! And look at that, for the first time in years Cameron Diaz (in Oscar de la Renta - can't go wrong with him!) managed to book the appointment with her hairdresser in time. Thank god! I already expected to see her again in one of her "I-came-straight-from-the-beach-after-a-day-full-of-wind-surfing-and-just-threw-on-this-dress"-looks.

The Alice-stand-ins...
"Oh no - we can't find Alice anywere on the set!!" No problem! Just give Rachel McAdams (in Elie Saab Haute Couture) or Elizabeth Banks (in Versace) a quick call. In their fabulous gowns they would have fit into any fairytale world without any trouble. A perfect dream!

The big disappointment...
Why did it have to be them??? Two of my favourite actresses lagged behind the expectations I always have in them when it comes to put stunning beauty to red carpets... Julianne Moore (in Calvin Klein Collection - pffffft!) is one of the most beautiful women (especially of her age) in Hollywood. Her hair color goes so well with strong colors and she can wear the most extravagant gowns and work them - why she chose the most boring label possible to attend such an event is behind my comprehension!
And Sarah Jessica - she did well with the label choice. Chanel Haute Couture that's A+ but then she obviously jumped right at the lamest gown in that very collection. I can just hope she will be a bit more thoughtful when I fly to London to see her on the premiere red carpet of Sex and the city 2!

The losers...

These four ladies gave us the sadest appearance to look at that evening. Nicole Richie (in Reem Acra, is that her own label?! Whatever it is, stay away from it!) looked like a white Grinch with too much eyeliner. Mariska Hargitay on the other hand looks stunningly beautiful, but here dress is such a mess (Vera Wang). You think you should be save with Vera, but this black gown looks a bit, well not just a bit, sloppy...
And you have thought until now that Valentino can't look slutty? Ha, just get Mariah to proof the contrary - too little fabric in too many areas! And Matt Damon's wife Luciana Barroso seemed to prefer having sex with her husband once more instead of getting dressed properly - ahhh so late already, oh my, well I just wrap myself in that bedsheet...


These four ladies on the other hand proofed that they have style, in some cases that's not always the matter (Sandra B.) but yesterday they were in the right place in the right outfit! And the right do - the hair of each of them looks great!
Two of the dresses are rather minimalistic - Meryl's Chris March (a former participant of Project Runway) and Kate's (some people who know me may not be surprised she's under that four... but she deserves it!!) Yves Saint Laurent (like last year) proofed that simple can be extremly good, if it fits the type and the age.
Zoe Saldana (in Givenchy Haute Couture) proofed that haute couture dresses are not just expensive but can also be faboulusly rich in volume in the buttom without looking like you are dragging a sack of potatoes behind you.
And Sandra (in Marchesa) was worth a winner! She looked so amazing - and I'm so happy she won! That's the most important thing after all :-)

(all pictures burrowed from style.com)


  1. HEY I LOVE YOUR BLOG, GREAT CONTENT! IM FOLLOWING YOU... SJP Chanel dress is really pretty!
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  2. I'm following you now.

    Thanks for the compliment! And yes, Sarah Jessicas dress is pretty, but I expected more from her - I find it a tad boring...


  3. I agree, J.Lo's butt was wearing one of the worst dresses that evening. However, Saldana's garment may not look like a sack of potatoes but it surely looks like a carpet in the bathroom: Big and fluffy, sucking all energy and life from the surrounding and the wearer.

    And while we're at it, the cloth of McAdams is just embarrasing! I'm sure at home she puts self-painted sun flowers on the wall.

    My winner is Kate Winslet, she is the only one who looks like she can spell "Oscar".

  4. Rachels dress is not embarrasing. I think it's a beautiful garment - I liked Elie Saab's haute couture collection a lot, but it's more suitable for an extremly glamorous gardenparty in the Hamptons or something...
    On the red carpet it just looks off, because of the rather dull and sad color palette.