Style's night out (of bounds)

Last night some Hollywood residents were lucky to receive an award for their outstanding achievements in movies and tv-programms, at this years Golden Globe Awards.

Some of the actresses and actors should have been awarded a trophy for their good taste as well. Like these...

The pulled the red carpet-walk off in a nonchalante manner. Classy and elegant - very ladylike!

By the way I'm really no big fan of beige or nude colors, but these ladies dressed the part. The colorful and black dresses were just second rate, last night. And for the second most-important event of the Hollywood-schedule beige is just fine, I guess.

These looks are today's substitute of "Designer Look of the day" as they are designer looks just on a different kind of runway and in bigger sizes...

Others seemed to have given their stylists a day off at a really inappropriate day- at least i hope they did! Because the person they pay to put them in these clothes (if there really is someone, doing that job) should be deportet immediately!

I think we need a new word for sloppy! Short skirts ending one hand above the knee or slits that went up even farther are just so out of place here! Ladies dress up by letting the hemlines down, please!

(all pictures burrowed from style.com)

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