So lame - I'm almost embarrassed for Michalsky...

One of today's "highlights" of Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashionweek was Michalsky Style Nite (alone that spelling of the word night - aaaahhhh! How old are you? 12?!) at Friedrichstadt-Palast. The show startet 30 minutes late and was definitely not worth waiting for. I watched it online - broadcastet live by dhl. There ought to be live backstage and red carpet reports before the show startet, but all I could see were some clips - old and new stuff - that sounded like an endless infomercial!

And the fashion? Not worth mentioning... The women styles were lots of carry-over-styles from the seasons before - ahh there is the bubble mini skirt we saw in every season since Michalsky startet. This time it's 10 cm longer - wow, that's groundbreaking. Just like the acid-washed denim. Hellooooo - you could bye those in every denim store or high street store. It would have been boring if Michalsky did this in the show last July, but doing it this season is just outright insulting to the fashion crowd watching!

And after that lamoooo-show was ended there was a live performance by Spandau Ballett. A very cool band - back then in the eighties.... Who want's to see some pudgy old men (the front man looks just like Michael Michalsky will in 10 years) performing songs that were in the charts 30 years ago?! Don't get me wrong - I'm an 80s child and I love the style and music from the decade I was born in - from the bottom of my heart! But this was just ridiculous - like the whole event!
But it should be no problem sleeping tight now...

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