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This is my new rubric. As I want to make the Designer Look of the day more contemporary (meaning only collections from 2010 - spring/summer or fall/winter) I'm going to write aboute older collections that I believe to be great and outstanding.
This is the first one - Ready-to-wear-Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière for spring/summer 2008.

(all pictures burrowed from style.com)

"Florals? For spring?! Groundbreaking..." One of my favourite lines from The devil wears Prada, that is completly traceable. Every spring the motto seems to be "Same procedure as every year". Flowers and floral prints everywhere you look - on clothes, accessories, shoes - in womenswear, for girls and even in menswear. Always a bit boring, because they are never really new - there is no new aspect to it.
That changed when Nicolas Ghesquière showed the fashion crowd how it should be done two years ago. What he did was like a rebirth for flowers and florals - definitely groundbreaking!
The dessins he found in the Balenciaga archive. The shapes he made up. The armor shaped jackets and skirts made from quite stiff materials created a new silhouette. The fantastic boots made the models look like warriors - ready for the fight for good taste! Simply great!
Unfortunetly the mainstream was not open enough to adopt that runway appearances - high street stores obviously didn't believe in a successful adaption for the mass market... A real pity!

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