Outfit completed - Ready to say bye bye to 2010

I just finished the customization of my outfit for this years New Year's Eve.
As you will see I'm going to need a lot more practice with my new camera to get some proper, sharper pictures taken next year...

The tophat is from H&M - startet up with brooches with feathers and Swarovski chain details attached.
The jacket is from H&M Trend - pimped with feathers around the lapel. 
The Viktor & Rolf shirt will be completed with an H&M bow tie occupied with black Swarovski crystals.
Funky shit, as you can see...

The look will be completed with black trousers and the metallic blue Lanvin shoes. Pictures of the complete look will follow tomorrow.
Happy New Year everyone - hope to have you visiting my blog regularly next year, Hugo Hase!


Bye bye Carine - Who's next??!!

She was the editor-in-chief of French Vogue - one of the most important fashion publications in existence - for 9 years. Now this era is over. As vogue.fr told the public Carine Roitfeld now wants to persue other projects.

Her career has been an extraordinary one so far. She started modelling at the age of 18, after being scouted on the street in Paris. She became a writer and stylist for French ELLE magazine. Her daugher Julia - a young style icone of today - was photographed for Vogue Bambini in 1990 by Mario Testino, which lead to a friendship and long-time work relationship between Carine and Mario. They did advertising work as well as shootings for American and French Vogue together.
Roitfeld then went on to work as consultant for Tom Ford at Gucci and Yves-Saint Laurent for about six years - in a time when those labels were hugely successful.
In 2006 there were rumors that Carine was being approached by Hearst Corporation to take over the editor-in-chief position of Glenda Bailey at U.S. Harper's Bazaar.

Well remains to be seen what she'll be doing next.
The more important question is: Who will follow in her enormous footprints? Any suggestions?

(picture: http://thefashionwarrior.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/1_2.jpg)

Purchases of the week

Business as usual when it comes to the place where I bought the new stuff - it's mostly H&M... But the sale startet this week and when you see the clothes continuously you sometimes just can't resist, especially when they are really cheap - bargains even. Since last Monday staff members get 75% off when buying things from the Lanvin collection. That's why I finally got the white shirt with the beige plastron (and I don't mean the turtle - does anybody know if plastron is the right word in English for the German Plastron?) and the beautiful buttons. The black and white printed longsleeve I imagine using for great 90s-looks for summer - paired with the new boots down below.

Like I was told by several people checked shirts are supposedly not me or not my style. But that's complete crap - everything is my style. Or rather I can make everything my style. And they seem to make much more desirable sexually than skirts and stuff, like I recently discovered... So more checked shirts for me! And I guess the same may go for jeans shirts. And if not I can always wear it with a high-waisted floor-length skirt.

The nightblue silk scarf is the only peace not purchased at H&M. It's from Garments Vintage - my favourite Berlin secondhand store(s). It's label is HUGO and it was originally bought by the former assistant costume designers of "Verliebt in Berlin" for the role of designer Hugo Haas, but the actor never wanted to wear it. Well now it's worn by Hugo Hase - what a coincidence. And as I mentioned above, the boots just scream 90s - so I didn't have a second thought about buying them, when they were marked down from 99 Euro to 20...


Upcoming spring styles at H&M - Lookbook & videos

The year 2010 is almost over and it's spring/summer season was over ages ago at least it seems so now, facing daily blizzards for weeks and weeks. It was stylistically marked by a variety of fashion trends - most of them still being influenced by the ongoing 80s trend. After seeing the high-fashion shows of all the important designers for spring/summer 2011 it is quite clear that the 80s have passed - once again - and the 70s and 90s are going to be the next big thing. 

Looking at the new lookbook of H&M you can see that 90s minimalistic style is really dominating what's going to happen. Short cropped tops that show off the belly are 90s leftovers as well as lace-up corsages or dresses, velvety and sheer materials. All of those were reworked and paired with 70s styles like massive prints, floorlength dresses and skirts, leather vests and wide trousers.
When it comes to color, what stays is chocolate brown and camel - mixed with shades of coral, beige and turquoise. For men natural colors stand all alone - bright is over as it seems.

Looking at the video and the pictures of the menswear it really makes me a bit sad, because I just find it incredibly dull! If these are pieces from the H&M Man Trend collection I would be absolutely disappointed too. In my mind H&M should go way further with that collection sometimes and this is one big step back! The only thing here I would want to buy is the short overall. But then again the womens collection is not that much better... Tough times for fashion loving H&M customers that we will be facing. 

(all pictures: http://www.streetrunway.de and http://www.stylebrity.co.uk)


Pleats please!! - BCBG Max Azria

I didn't have the time to check out all of the new pre-fall collections that have been introduced to the public yet, but I am pretty sure there are not going to be many more I find so stunning and fabulous like this one. BCBG Max Azria is of course the very own label of Tunisia-born American designer Max Azria, who is designing for other labels (he owns) as well, like Hervé Léger. He's also doing collaborations, like with Harvey Nichols, Breuninger, Peek & Cloppenburg or Wallmart from time to time. No wonder, because he's obviously a very clever designer!

In his Fall collection for 2008 he used camel and chocolate brown - being ahead of his time, as both colors are now the must-haves. But because Max is not Phoebe nobody seemed to care back then, even though the collection was beautiful. Anyway, for pre-fall Azria steps away from the white and grey dominated designs in his spring/summer 2011 collection and gives us smart and effective color blocking. The plissé reminded me of Miu Miu's spring collection, but I think this pieces are better! No unnecessary stars or metallic cut-out elements on the clothing, just pure simple minimalism at it's best.

Max Azria's customer can easily get ready for the upcoming nineties trend. But if you're going for that or not, here were so many important trends for next year's late summer covered, just choose one... Either if it's see-through materials, floorlength skirts and dresses, bold red or chocolat brown, everything is on the spot. The only leftovers from the for years ongoing 80s-rage are bold bracelets and golden clutch bags and for me they complete and complement these looks just perfectly! Just like that sleek immaculate ponytail - the hairdo for next year.

One of my favourite lines of Hilary Duff, in her guest role at Gossip Girl is: "This dress is from the latest BCBG collection - I'm friends with Max Azria, he does me crazy favours.". I wish I could be so lucky to say the same thing...

(all pictures: curtesy of BCBG via style.com)


Tom Brady is the new model for the male UGG Boot

Quarterback Tom Brady steps into his wife's - Gisele Bündchen - shoes as he will be the new face of the mens boot collection of UGG Australia. Starting next year he will be modelling for the label that is well-known for it's fur-trimmed boots. The label that's already offering menswear and accessories and other shoes will enrich their product range in the new season.

UGG is very happy to work with 33-year old Brady as the new face of the campaign, because he's kind of a male style icon at the moment with his relaxed casual style, which also includes UGG clothes already. So they think he will be perfect to get other men interested in the new male boots. He's not completely unexperienced when it comes to modelling though, as he was posing for Calvin Klein underwear a few years ago.

Seems as though someone has found the stepping stone for a new career. After the UGG model deal was made public people startet to upload photoshopped pictures of Brady on the playing field in his rugby uniform wearing UGGs. Completely imature in my opinion. First, no one in his right mind would decline an offered model contract just because the product it's about is a little bit questionable. And second I don't think that UGG boots are very gender specific. Then again I do think that of skirts too... Well I think it's great he's doing it - he's such a manly man he could sell lace underwear for men. Go Tom!

(picture: http://theshoegame.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/tom-brady-new-england.jpg and http://www.shorelinesurf.com/ugg-boots-mens/classic-short-chestnut-m.jpg)


Ellesse Sample Sale - Upcoming Sunday and Monday

This Sunday and Monday next week there's going to be a sample sale of ellesse sports clothes. At Monbijouplatz 4, from 12pm to 6pm.
I guess it accessible for everyone. So I guess all of you interested in retro sportswear clothes should check it out!

A.D. Deertz Shop opening - 11th, December 2010

Just in time before Christmas A.D.Deertz is going to unwrap a present for all the Berlin fans of the label - a new shop. It's doors will open for the first time this Saturday at noon. The store is located at Torstraße 106, between Rosenthaler Platz and Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

The shop opening is also the start of a new concept of the label. Designer Wibke Deertz is going to change the circle of designing collections from the usual biannual creative process to a continually changing collection and offering. There's going to be a variety of basics which will be expanded by new styles throughout the months.
For a start there will be the typical A.D.Deertz clothes like sweaters, checked shirts, blousons, trousers and broad checked scarfs as well as various bags.

Additionally Wibke will be designing limited collections with specific themes like the use of unique fabrics or extraordinary manufactoring.

The range of the shop is enlarged by shoes from Namibia, from the label Herbert Schier. They are made from a specific leather which comes from the Kuduantelope that's domiciled in Southern Africa. The shoes are available at A.D.Deertz exclusively in Germany.

Starting at the beginning of next year there will be an online shop as well.


Outstanding Achievement Award 2010 - Alexander McQueen

The British Fashion Council (BFC) announced today that Lee Alexander McQueen is going to receive a posthumous award for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design at this year's British Fashion Awards, which will take place tomorrow.
This particular award was created to honor the work of designers whose exceptional creative producing has impact on global fashion.

The award is a tribute to McQueen's outstanding career, throughout which he was named British Designer of the Year by the BFC four times. His exceptional tailoring and constructions, his exciting, always new and innovative ideas and the outrageous style he put on the runway will always have Lee Alexander McQueen remembered as the most creative and influential fashion designer of his generation.

(pictures: www.style.com)

The scent of Anna Dello Russo

In my opinion ADR - the well-known abbreviation for Anna Dello Russo - is one of the most important fashion icons alive. I don't think that there are many people out there having so much fun with fashion. And that's what fashion should be all about.
It's kind of a first for a fashion director, which is more or less what Anna is, to come out with an own fragrance.
The main ingredients of the scent are vanilla and almond, which remind her of pastry shops she visited as a child. The flacon is shaped like a highheel. No wonder as the fashion director of Japanese Vogue is a shoe maniac. It's rather small in order to fit in a small purse or clutch bag.
The perfume is exclusively avaiable on yoox.com. You may also find a special holiday selection of fabulous golden clothes and accessories chosen by the fashion maverick there.
The ad for the perfume you can check out below. Being asked by more and more designers lately to run in their shows it goes without saying that ADR is modelling in the advertisement of her scent as well. Enjoy!

(picture: Giampaolo Sgura via ADR)


Heidi's new men - Word is out...

...there are two whole new members in the jury of Germanys Next Topmodel, once again - Thomas Rath and Thomas Hayo. The new Thomases. At least some material for confusions and mix-ups! The new season's broadcast will most probably start in January. Remains to be seen if the new men on Heidi's side will be able to make GNT a funny tv programme again instead of that raging snooze the last season was...

Thomas Rath (right) is a designer. He's worked with some very well-known brands so far, like Jil Sander, Windsor and Escada. He founded his own label which is named after himself. He's said to be a creative advisor for hollywood stars as well, e.g. SJP. Sounds promising enough to get our hopes up for some real stars to make an appearance in the next season.

Thomas Hayo (left) is a creative director. He started out at the advertising agency Springer & Jacobi in Hamburg and after that moved to New York to help build up an American agency. Now he's a freelancer who's merchandising luxurious things and festivals. He's quite good-looking too. But then again Q was that too and look where he ended up...

(picture: Prosieben / Oliver S.)


Trend forecast - Round glasses and shades

After the cateyed fifties style that was initiated by Miuccia Prada the next big thing in shape trends when it comes to spectacles or sunglasses is ROUND, ROUND, ROUND! With the eighties come-back almost around the corner the stage is free for 70s and 90s inspired styling. Who can't remeber pictures of John Lennon with Yoko Ono wearing his round signature spectacles? 

Some design labels showed round shades in their latest shows like Proenza Schouler or Dries van Noten. Mykita did a collaboration with Marios Schwab that resulted in round shades. And there are numerous style icons - current or retro - showing us that round is it, like Lady Gaga, Donna from 90210 or Egon from Ghostbusters...
So if you're contemplating buying new eyewear go for round!

They correspond perfectly with various hairstyles from voluminous to flat and they are best combined with transparent clothes and bare midriff tops. At least that's how I would style it. Or of course with a turban like a Dries van Noten. There's way to less turbans worn anyway the way it is. So better add one of those to your shoppinglist as well...

 (pictures: refinery29.com, trendhunterstatic.com, presshappily.com, mykita.com, urbanoptiques.com, allmoviephoto.com, stories.the-ridges.net, myddnetwork.com)

Happy belated Birthday Mr. Galliano!

Yesterday one of high fashion's most successful and fascinating figures celebrated his 50th birthday. Would you believe it? 50?! His age obviously becomes him rather well. He's looking fantastic and creates more beautiful and stunning things than ever before.
John Galliano, who's original name is Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano Guillén, is really one of fashions enfant terribles. He was born in Gibraltar and moved to London at an early age where he later studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

After being named British designer of the year in 1987 (as he was again 1994 and 1995!) he moved to Paris in early nineties to become head of design at Givenchy and a little while later at Dior. Where he's been working since. 
In 2001 he was named Commander of the British Empire.
So dear John all the best to you! Can't wait to see what's more to come in the future...

(pictures by AP, picapp, Marcio Madeira, Getty Images via VOGUE)


Purchases of the week

This week was of course overshadowed by the launch of the Lanvin x H&M collection. If I was a woman I'd be broke right now - so for once being a man is quite positive when it comes to shopping... The only two things from that collection I bought were the metallic blue shoes and the lilac bowtie. The clothes of the menswear collection were so incredibly boring...

The black shirt with the pleated side parts is from H&M Trend. It's cotton with elastan and cut really body con. It looks a lot like a design by Gareth Pugh.
The plaid shirt is from H&M L.O.G.G. One could say it's not really my style - but even I like to look manly once in a while. Well actually I do always - even wearing a skirt...
And the tophat is just fabulous - most probably to become part of my New Years eve-outfit.